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Small plane crashes in Miramar, FL



PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (CBS12) — A small plane crashed in Miramar.

According to police, the plane went down near Pembroke Road and Hiatus Road.

Roads in the area are closed.

No word yet on what caused the crash or the extent of injuries.

The FAA said the plane left the North Perry Airport in Hollywood and crashed while trying to land on Pembroke Road with two people on board.

The pilot told air traffic controllers he tried to return to the airport when the plane crashed.

does anybody have the audio for this? They were headed back to KHWO - North Perry Airport. Would love to hear this to study and learn from this horrible accident. RIP :(


I can't edit at work, but the Tower Comm's start at the 26:00 mark, but only hear the tower.


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