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Skylease Cargo 747-412F Overran Runway On Landing At Halifax (CYHZ)

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"A Skylease Cargo Boeing 747-400, registration N908AR performing flight GG-4854 from Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) to Halifax,NS (Canada) with 4 crew, landed on Halifax's runway 14 (length 2350 meters/7700 feet) at 05:06L (09:06Z) but was unable to stop before the end of the runway, overran the end of the runway, went down a slope and through the localizer antenna and came to a stop about 200 meters past the runway end. There were no injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage with all gear collapsed, engines #2 and #3 separated, engines #1 and #4 damaged and creases in the fuselage skin."



The aircraft involved is Boeing 747-412F SCD N908AR (CN28026) (PW4056), registration data here:


We have a feed at CYHZ, but I no longer have audio editing software. Maybe someone could go through our archives and compress the audio... but until then, here is the ATC Audio:

ORD Don:
Don't, personally, see a lot of cargo jets heading from ORD to Halifax. Plus, rather unusual livery. Any particular story here - or not ?

Joey, thanks for sharing my video.

I'm really interested and curious about this incident so I'll be following the investigation closely. Just some points that I know now but didn't know when editing the video is that the ILS for 23 was inop and they were not RNAV capable so the only option for 23 was a circle to land (quite difficult due to the BKN005 layer).

Runway 32 would have been better anyway. Really sad to see that Queen laying there :cry:


--- Quote from: VASAviation on November 10, 2018, 12:27:57 PM ---Joey, thanks for sharing my video.

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You're welcome. Nice job putting it together.


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