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Skydive plane crashes during jump run in Phoenix

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Skydive plane wing catches fire followed quickly by fire in the cabin. Then all bailout. The plane crashed into a house in Gilbert. The occupants of the house escaped unharmed.

PD: Plane crashes into Gilbert house, pilot hurt

Video From twitter (explicit language)


KPHX North final feed. 9/18 0200-0230 archive happens around 0214-0218

All survived. The pilot is being treated for burns.

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I find it hard to believe that all survived. They are lucky!

They had a lot of experience jumping at night I'm sure that helped a lot I'm wondering what caused the airplane to catch fire maybe one of the pyro devices they wear for the show ignited inside the cabin although the report I read said the wing was on fire.  What is really lucky that no one was killed on the ground most homes in Gilbert are wood frame stucco over particle board so not that strong. I'm guessing they have spot lights with them when they jump to see where they are going watch out for power lines. Lot of high voltage power lines in Phoenix metro area I work for the electric utility east valley is full of them 340kv 500kv lines because we use so much electricity in the summer months.  Hate to land in those lines be zapped or land in a substation lots of those around too.

Word on the street is, the guy jerry-rigged pyro to his wing against everybody's advice and better judgment, claimed it was FAA approved, it wasn't.   I'm pretty sure the jumpers were out before it caught fire.  The dumbass is lucky nobody was killed on the ground.

Wow if that turns out to be true what an idiot just lucky no one was killed. I'm sure lawsuits will be flying over this one.


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