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Russian Jet Carrying Hockey Team Crashes, 43 Dead

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"MOSCOW –  A Russian jet carrying members of a local hockey team crashed shortly after takeoff on Wednesday, killing 43 people, including several former NHL players."



"The team's coach is Canadian Brad McCrimmon, who took over in May. He was mosly recently an assistant coach with the Detroit Red Wings, and played 18 years in the NHL for Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Hartford and Phoenix."



"A Yak Service Yakovlev Yak-42, registration RA-42434 performing a charter flight from Yaroslavl (Russia) to Minsk (Belarus) with 37 passengers (the Lokomotiv Yaroslav Hockey Team) and 8 crew, could not climb out after takeoff from Yaroslavl's Tunoshna Airport at approx. 15:50L (11:50Z). The airplane impacted an antenna outside the airport perimeter, impacted ground and came to rest about 1000 meters from the airport broken up in two major parts, the tail section at the bank of Volga River and the fuselage in the river. 26 bodies have so far been recovered, two occupants have been taken to hospitals with critical injuries."



"“The team is feeling pretty down after hearing what happened this morning,” a somber Nicklas Lidstrom said, referring to news that former assistant coach and defensemen Brad McCrimmon, defenseman Ruslan Salei, and goalie Stefan Liv were aboard when the tragedy occurred."



ORD Don:

                 Has anybody seen or heard anything about possible causes ?

"Both survivors were flown to Moscow for treatment of the burns. While the flight engineer is on the way to recovery, the burns of Alexander Galimov proved "incompatible with life". The research hospital confirmed he died in the morning of Sep 12th."

"On Sep 12th 2011 the MAK reported, that the on site investigation has been nearly completed. The aircraft, built in 1993, had accumulated 6,500 flying hours, with a design target of 12,000 hours life span. The actual takeoff weight was below maximum takeoff weight. Total fuel on board was 14 tons, 8 tons of which were added in Yaroslavl. An analysis of the fuel is still being carried out. The crew performed a proper flight controls check during takeoff preparation, the elevator moved freely and normally. Weather conditions, including winds, had no influence on the accident sequence. Stabilizer and flaps were properly set for takeoff. All engines were working normally until impact with ground. A single parameter can not be identified as cause from the flight data recorder, all of the system parameters off the flight data recorder are now going to be studied in a special research center. The commission is considering a full scale experiment on the aircraft controls."

From the updated AvHerald Article.

So, to paraphrase, the aircraft was not over-weight, did not suffer fuel starvation, and thus far appeared to have properly functioning flight controls. Weather was good. And the engines appeared to be running at the time of the crash. Hopefully, the flight engineer, who is now the lone survivor, can shed some light on the incident at some point.


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