Author Topic: Elton John's private jet makes emergency landing at Farnborough Airport  (Read 842 times)

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Sir Elton John's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Hampshire after suffering a failure at 10,000ft.

While approaching the coast of southern Ireland during a scheduled flight to New York, the plan suffered a hydraulic failure and was forced to head back to Farnborough Airport for an emergency landing, The Sun reports.

After reportedly aborting landing twice as heavy winds hit the UK amid Storm Franklin, the jet managed to land as emergency services raced to the scene

Pictures on social media show ambulances, police and fire crews at the scene as the plane arrived back at the airport just after 11am on Monday (February 21).

A plumber, who was working when he saw the plane, told The Sun: "The terrible weather and epic gusts made it almost impossible to land. Two attempts to touch down failed.

“The plane was being buffeted and couldn’t make it. The aircraft’s nose was far too vertical. The plane was descending and was halfway along the runway when it gave up trying to hit the tarmac. It soared back in the air." 

“No action was taken by HIWFRS with the incident dealt with by the airport fire service.”

Sir Elton was able to catch another flight and arrive in New York in time for a scheduled concert at Madison Square Garden