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Pilatus PC12 Crash Florida


Does anyone have audio of Miami center June 7th 1600-1630Z - looking for audio from the PC12 crash - how can plane just break up mid air

I'm baffled by the same mystery. Explosive decompression?? Autopilot gone nuts??? Did something hit him??
What a horrible accident.

ORD Don:

             Our Miami feed is down.  I found some audio of the plane taking off from St. Lucie Airport in Ft. Pierce, Fl.

             which I edited and posted in the ATC / Pilot Audio Clips.   Sad to listen to.....

The store Nexrad images show cell North of Tampa at the time of the accident:  http://gis.ncdc.noaa.gov/map/cdo/?layers=0001&msg=nexrad&extent=-139.2:12.7:-50.4:57.8&srid=4326&nexrad=true

You have to dial in the day and time.

Flight aware flight track show no weather.

He go caught at FL 260 in a cell!

Last Miami Ctr communication was there was an area of moderate precip ahead of him. 
Again precip not shown on FlAware.  Nexrad show very few pixels of rare moderate.  What was the controller seeing?

Could he have iced up with large supercooled water droplets at FL260 and stalled?
Check out FlAware's track log:       12:32     Course 291        147 k
                                                       12:33                   87        147
                                                       12:34                   57          68
                                                       12:35                   43          60
                                                       12:36                   43         255


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