Author Topic: Passenger Injured After Jumping Out Of Taxiing United Express Plane  (Read 3067 times)

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In a shocking incident, a passenger on a United Express flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City jumped out of the taxiing aircraft using the emergency slide. The passenger also tried to breach the cockpit before jumping out of the plane, raising alarms onboard. The news comes as US airlines see a surge of unruly passengers onboard amid the rebound in air traffic.
According to ABC7, the incident occurred on Friday night (25th June) onboard United Express flight UA5365. The aircraft left the gate at LAX on time at 18:55 and began the taxi towards the runway. However, things did not go smoothly while the plane was on the move.

One male passenger reportedly came to the front of the plane and attempted to breach the cockpit door. After failing to enter, he then successfully opened one of the cabin doors, deploying the emergency slide. In doing so, he left the aircraft at approximately 19:10 local time. However, during the exit, the passenger was injured and has been hospitalized with his condition currently unknown.