Author Topic: N951AA AstroJet - AAL1012 KRSW - KDFW diverted to KMIA due a take off config iss  (Read 11975 times)

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Hello everyone, happy Friday, a month ago I happen to be onboard AA N951AA from KRSW bound to KDFW but soon after takoff something was not right,being an aviation nerd I always record every takeoff and Landing and this one turn out to be interesting. Flight was diverted to KMIA due a take off configuration issue with one of the Squawk Switch, lading at KMIA was with emergency services. The Pilot said that the plane was thinking the plane was still on the ground, plane maintained FL100 right after takeoff, originally requested to hold over RSW VOR but then it was decided to dirt the plane and head to KMIA where maintenance could look at the issue, eventually we were transferred to another plane.

I manage to put a video including audio from, and I would like to share it with you!


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My guess is the pilots were referring to the "Squat switch". It's also knows as the weight on wheels switch. It's what most pressurized aircraft use to tell the aircraft that it is no longer on the ground. On the aircraft I fly on, we have one on each main landing gear, and they send a signal to the pressurization system and other systems (GPS, FMS, etc..) letting them know we are airborne. Being that you guys maintained 10,000 feet, that would tell me that the outflow valve(s) never closed thus keeping the aircraft from pressurizing.

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          Great job on the video. Very nice....