Author Topic: Fake ATC calls on final at Melbourne International  (Read 8824 times)

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Fake ATC calls on final at Melbourne International
« on: November 08, 2016, 03:56:21 AM »
Someone with a transmitter allegedly issuing go-arounds on short final to aircraft on approach.

Haven't had chance to research more yet.  
Quick link to an article below, but your usual quality journalism filter needs to apply.


Will start slowly wading through the feeds, 2nd article has a date and time, so can start there. but no details yet on the other 14.

Incident with VA740 has the briefest mention of the incident on Melbourne Center freq at 24min 50sec mark of  (through to 25min 40sec)
alerting of the incident on tower frequency
Unfortunately Tower isn't covered by the feed.
Listening to the feed over and over, can't find VA740 mentioned though. Unfortunately not the best quality on some freqs that day. Weather wasn't the best.

To add to the poor timing of this and workload, QF580 (Perth - Sydney) was being worked as a possible diversion to YMML due to medical emergency.
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Re: Fake ATC calls on final at Melbourne International
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2016, 11:17:38 PM »
Only just logged back in to post after seeing similar myself today in a newsfeed i get.

Just about the same artical as yours.
Avalon airport (YMAV) which is the 2nd one he was transmitting at it a good 45min drive from Tullamarine (YMML).

Be interesting to work out exactly how they found him. Its quite a large area he was working around.
Rockbank is about 25min west of YMML and 30 mins north drive of YMAV and fairly sparse, so possible he was transmitting from home via a fixed device