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multiple incidents today in Milwaukee County Wisconsin


Chananya Freedman:
 there have been multiple incident at an  airport in Milwaukee County Winsconsin. one was a landing geer issue and the other one i am not sure what it was. does anybody have anymore information as to the airport, and what exactly was going on? i wonder if there is any ATC audio from today's events. i have an app on my phone called scanner radio and it sends me alerts about fire department and police activity to listen to.

hope everyone is having a good day and a good beginning to 2022.

Looks like there is a feed for ground and tower (KMWC, if that is the correct airport).  Do you know approximately what time these events happened?

Chananya Freedman:
things were happening most of the morning here in Los Angeles, so i would guess that things started around 11:00am or maybe a little earlier. one of the two incidents had to burn fuel for a while over lake Michigan. that is pretty much all i have.

Chananya Freedman:
So, quick update. finally, our friend vasaviation posted two videos of the landing geer situation that i posted about.
 while i am here i might as well let Davie know that on the Milwaukee tower frequency half way in the first video, you could no longer hear the controller. no controller on the tower frequency during the entire second video. might need some work done at the feed site.


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