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Small plane makes emergency landing in Parkland
« on: February 06, 2024, 06:57:01 AM »

(working on the audio now, have them leaving KPMP, but nothing after that so far,
I did find them back on Tower very broken up, only hear the tower side and a few others helping to locate.)

PARKLAND, FLA. (WSVN) - A single-engine Cessna C150 plane made an emergency landing on a Broward County road.

The plane came down at around 3:35 p.m., Monday, in the area of Nob Hill Road and Hillsboro Boulevard in Parkland.

The flight took off from Pompano Beach Airpark and experienced some difficulties with the engine, causing it to make an emergency landing.

The pilot crashed into a tree during the landing, resulting in some damage to the wing and the propellers of the plane.  The plane, bearing the logo of the XFlight Aeronautical Company, a business with an office in Pompano Beach that was closed on Monday afternoon.

Officials said two people were on board the plane and one of the occupants suffered a minor laceration.

The two people are experienced pilots who were trying to get hours flying around the Everglades and West Broward.

The father of one of the pilots on board spoke to 7News and said the cause appeared to be engine failure.

“The pilots did. My daughter was actually flying in the right seat. I gotta go,” said one of the pilot’s father.

The plane cannot fly out of the crash scene because of the damage to its wings so it will towed.

Coral Springs Fire Rescue said the next step is to take the plane apart so it can be towed but it is unclear when it will happen.

Residents in the area where stunned to see where the plane had landed.

“I looked over in my backyard and I saw the plane going down,” said Joshua Fliegel, who lives nearby. “My house is right there so if it just kept going I would have a plane in my yard, a plane in my swimming pool.”

“And it hit the curb and it bounced off,” said Tyler Boothe, who also lives nearby.

“I was in shock,” said another neighbor.

According to BSO, Hillsboro Boulevard is shut down just east of Nob Hill Road in Parkland.

“It’s pretty impressive they were able to make it over the traffic signals and safely onto the the roadway,” said Coral Springs Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Mike Moser.

The FAA and NTSB arrived on the scene Monday afternoon to begin an investigation.

Please check back on and 7News for more details on this developing story.
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