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Man opens emergency door, jumps onto wing of plane in Miami*UPDATE*


(ground freq's at KMIA are down, so no audio I could find)

MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Police say a passenger on an American Airlines flight that landed at Miami International Airport opened an emergency door and walked on the wing as the plane reached the terminal.

Flight 920 from Cali, Colombia, had just landed in Miami Wednesday night when the incident happened.

American Airlines said in a statement that "the customer was immediately detained by law enforcement."
Once the gate was attached to the plane, U.S. Customs and Border Protection took the man into custody without incident.

All the other passengers were able to leave without issue. Authorities offered no additional details.

MIAMI (CBS12) — The man who opened an emergency door and jumped out on the wing as the plane taxied to the terminal in Miami claimed he had to get out of the plane because he believed he was being followed.

Miami-Dade Police arrested Christian Segura, 33, of Orlando, just after an American Airlines flight from Colombia landed at Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening.

According to the arrest report, a security agent inside the terminal heard a thump in the direction of the inbound aircraft while doing a security check. She looked out and saw a man coming toward her, saying, "Help me, help me, I feel like I'm in danger as I saw bad things happening on board."

The man then jumped to the ground where Customs and Border Patrol agents detained him.

Segura admitted to investigators he opened the emergency door on the plane and jumped to the ground. According to the arrest report, he said he saw something while at the Cali airport and was on alert because of that. He felt he was being followed and had to get out of the aircraft.


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