Author Topic: KLM b747 collides with A330 during taxi at Amsterdam airport.  (Read 2124 times)

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KLM b747 collides with A330 during taxi at Amsterdam airport.
« on: November 17, 2020, 02:03:07 PM »

n Sunday, KLM b747 awaiting it's final retirement at Amsterdam schiphol airport had it's nose dented by an A330 wing. The union says that towing incidents like these are because of too high workload on airport ground staff.

Incident details-

KLM b747s, are officially retired. However, three remains parked at schiphol East, awaiting relocation to their mostly likely final destination. One has been managed to get into a bit of a kerfuffle A330, on Sunday when A330  being towed, it's wing hits the b747 nose causing a dent in the fuselage.

It's nuclear wheather or not there was any damages to the A330 wing.

Excessive workload on ground staff-

The union says that incidents like these are due to the excessive workload on ground staff. According to the NH Nieuws, accidents with aircaft towers are quite common at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, the Dutch trade union confederation ( FNV) says that the workload is too high and their is not enough staff to carry out the work properly, due to the current global pandemic.