Author Topic: Pilot 85 loses control of single-engine aircraft while landing at Boerne Stage  (Read 10704 times)

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There is video of this in the link above, I did pull the audio, but all you hear is him coming in, nothing after he lands.

SAN ANTONIO – An 85-year-old pilot was taken to the hospital after he crashed a single-engine aircraft into a hangar at a Boerne airfield on Thursday morning.

Leon Springs Fire Department Chief Craig Ramon said the pilot was landing when he lost control around 8:30 a.m. at the Boerne Stage Airfield, not far from Boerne Stage Road and Haddock Way.
Firefighters arrived to find the pilot, who is from Boerne, already outside the aircraft. He was taken to University Hospital in stable but serious condition.

Ramon said the man had been doing practice flights before the crash.

The plane made contact with a hangar, but there was no threat of a fire, Ramon said. There were also no fluids leaking from the plane.

The plane and building sustained moderate damage.