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Title: Freight trains delay rescue response to crash near KSFF
Post by: Gstrawley on May 30, 2015, 08:03:56 PM
A news article about freight trains delaying the emergency response to a fatal plane crash near Felts Field in Spokane, Wash., piqued my interest. LiveATC doesn't have a feed for this airport. However, I did find a scanner feed that documents the police and fire response on You can hear a loosely edited version of it in this video:

Article: (

Video: (

I presume Felts is another of those older city airports that took a secondary role after a new airport was built but still managed to stay open despite location-related problems. I am surprised that the FAA didn't deliver an ultimatum to the locals to build an overpass/underpass or close the airport. Or maybe they did and someone fought it successfully.