Author Topic: Report: Distracted Pilot Leaves Tow Bar Attached, Ran Over By Another Aircraft  (Read 2818 times)

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"A Loganair Embraer ERJ-145, registration G-SAJK performing flight LM-97 from Aberdeen,SC to London Southend,EN (UK) with 35 passengers and 3 crew, landed on Southend's runway 23 just about to apply brakes when the crew spotted an object on the runway about 8-10 meters to the right of the runway centerline. At approximately 105-110 KIAS the crew applied slight left rudder, felt a slight bump through the rudder pedals and wasn't sure whether this bump was result of collision with the object or going over the runway center line. The aircraft stopped, backtracked and vacated the runway. No damage was found. A runway inspection found a general aviation towbar on the runway.

A short time later the airport received a phone call from a general aviation pilot, who had departed Southend about 30 minutes prior to the occurrence, that he believed he had departed with the tow bar still attached to the nose gear of his aircraft."

"The pilot of a Cessna 210 departing from Southend Airport inadvertently left the aircraft’s towbar attached to the nosewheel. As the aircraft took off the towbar fell off and landed on the runway. The towbar remained on the runway for approximately 30 minutes during which time another aircraft landed, another took off and an operations vehicle completed an inspection. A landing Embraer 145 ran over the towbar during its landing roll.

The pilot of the Cessna reported that he was distracted by an early road traffic incident and this is probably why he forgot to remove the towbar. The incident highlights how stress from events unrelated to flying can cause a significant distraction and the importance of pilots honestly assessing their fitness for flight prior to every flight."

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