Author Topic: Delta flight diverted to Oklahoma City. off duty employee mental case ATC audio  (Read 2995 times)

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Attached is the relevant audio editted by yours truly of Flight 1730 ATC audio .
Enjoy and comment!

source :

A Delta employee is in custody Saturday morning after allegedly causing a ruckus during one of the airline’s flights Friday night to Atlanta, where he said out loud that "he would take the plane down," Oklahoma City Police tell Fox News.

The incident forced the pilot to divert the aircraft to Oklahoma City following its departure from Los Angeles, flight records show. The man behind the chaos – an off-duty Delta employee in his late 20s – received medical attention after being removed from the plane and the FBI is now taking over the investigation, according to Oklahoma City Police.

"Thanks to the crew and passengers of Delta Flight 1730 (LAX to ATL) who assisted in detaining an unruly passenger as the flight diverted to Oklahoma City (OKC)," Delta said in a statement. "The aircraft landed without incident and the passenger was removed by law enforcement."