Author Topic: Human heart left on board Southwest flight  (Read 1561 times)

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Human heart left on board Southwest flight
« on: December 28, 2018, 11:41:45 PM »

"A forgotten human heart caused a US airliner to turn back mid-flight when staff realized it had been left on board. The error wasted precious time — a human heart for transplant can only be stored for a matter of hours.

A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Seattle to Dallas had to turn around mid-flight last weekend after it was discovered that a human heart had been left on the plane, officials said Thursday.

The airliner was flying over eastern Idaho — around 600 miles (950 kilometers) into the journey — when staff discovered the "life-critical cargo shipment," which had been transported from California and was meant to be delivered to a Seattle hospital."


I'm not sure how to track down the audio, anyone more familiar care to take a look?