Author Topic: Goodyear Blimp crash in Germany  (Read 20482 times)

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Goodyear Blimp crash in Germany
« on: June 13, 2011, 01:48:35 AM »
article (in german) with pictures:

Google translation of article text:
Reichelsheim (Hessen) - Fire drama in Hesse: In Reichelsheim (Wetterau) is a Goodyear-Zeppelin fall during a sightseeing flight on fire! Three passengers survived. The pilot died in the disaster in the flames died.

The accident occurred around 20.30 clock on the approach to the airport Reichelsheim.

After information a loud engine noise was heard. It smelled of gasoline. The two 80-hp engines of the four-seat Zeppelin had caught fire. About 2 feet above the ground called for the Australian pilot the passengers: "We have a crash!"

Then they jumped off, the pilot remained on board - and the airship shot (probably by the weight loss) about 50 feet in the air! Then it went up in flames.

From the ground or the cries of the pilots could be heard. In a meadow of the Zeppelin was just down on it. At the accident site are the charred remains.

When the survivors it is a TV crew and a press photographer.

The tire manufacturer Goodyear blimp, with its airships, just on a "safety tour" of several states on the road. "Blimps" are airships without internal structure. Is the largest manufacturer Goodyear.

Of 10 to 13 June Goodyear makes the occasion of Hessentag also stopped at the airport Reichelsheim

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