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Title: Laser Aero Douglas R4D-7 (DC-3/C-47) Crash, All Lives Lost...
Post by: joeyb747 on March 10, 2019, 01:27:21 PM
The aircraft involved is HK-2494, actually typed as a Douglas R4D-7. Originally built for the U.S. Air Force as a TC-47B-30-DK (REG 44-76773, CN 33105) in 1944, her type changed when she became a trainer with the U.S. Navy to R4D-7, and she was re-registered 99826. She served the Navy until 1971, when she went civilian, and was re-registered N87611, and delivered to the University Of Texas. She then was sold in 1980 to the Columbian operator SAEP LTD and re-registered HK-2494X. She ended up with the firm SADELCA, re-registered HK-2494, and was operating on behalf of Laser Aero Columbia when the crash occurred. Sadly, all lives were lost in the crash... 

"A Laser Aereo Colombia Douglas DC-3, registration HK-2494 performing a flight from San Jose del Guaviare to Villavicencio (Colombia) with 14 people on board, was on approach to Villavicencio when the crew declared emergency at 10:40L (15:40Z), the aircraft subsequently lost height and impacted ground at La Bendicion and burst into flames. All occupants perished in the accident."