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Colgan (Continental Connection) flight lands at wrong airport!

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Happened on Sept. 7th.  I hadn't heard about this one before.  As you can tell from the article, Colgan is not very popular in Buffalo after the crash here.



The two airports do look alike but of course that's no excuse - it's similar to landing on the wrong runway, inexcusable and potentially dangerous.

hmmmm....seems like that landing at the wrong airport would be sorta hard to do...well they did it!

This reminds me of an event that happen in Michigan in December of 2000. A BAX Global DC-8 accidental landed at East Tawas (6D9) instead of Oscoda (KOSC). East Tawas has a 4800 ft long, 100 ft wide, runway. The wingspan of the DC-8 is 142 feet. Oscoda has a runway that measures 11,800 by 200 ft. The airports are eight miles apart and have a similar orientation.  



It's not the firs time it's happened and won't be the last. Probably my favorite example is when a a jet landed at Wiley Post instead of Will Rogers in OKC. The airports do have a similar configuration, but Wily Post is much smaller and  10 miles away. If that wasn't enough the 6 lane I-40 freeway is runs though OKC almost due east to west and one airport is north of it the other is south.



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