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Cessna 172 aborts takeoff at DSM: audio + cockpit video

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Hi BigSky. Glad you enjoyed the video. I can't say if I'd handle it exactly the same unless it happens again! I can say that I don't regret how I handled the situation, and felt 100% confident that I did not extend myself beyond my ability to manage the airplane.

To expand on that, keep in mind this was on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Midwest on a runway twice as wide as any I'd ever seen, with ATC closely monitoring all traffic's every move. At no time was I concerned that I might veer off the runway.

It happened four seconds into my roll so my groundspeed was quite slow, and I was stabilizing the aircraft with the rudder and continued to throughout. Before removing my hands from the controls I decided that I could spare a couple of seconds to close the door, and if unsuccessful I would immediately abort the takeoff. The doors on this Cessna behave very predictably and when the latch mechanism is lifted high and the door is pulled closed they latch easily. But in this case an object prevented it from closing. When the first effort failed I aborted immediately, pulled the throttle, continued to stabilize the aircraft, and then contacted ATC.

And I'm still here to talk about it.  :-D

looked like a perfectly controlled situation to me. great learning experience..and ive flown a small plane into DSM before that runway is HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE in a single

Thanks Walters. It's good to know others are able to understand the video the way it felt to me. And yes, it's an enormous runway!


--- Quote from: Chadan on August 11, 2011, 05:37:12 PM ---...and I was stabilizing the aircraft with the rudder and continued to throughout.
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Really?  While not looking out the window?

I maintain my opinion that this was incredibly bad judgement on a number of fronts.  Glad you're not at my field.


--- Quote from: NoMad on August 11, 2011, 07:30:19 PM ---Glad you're not at my field.
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I knew we'd find something to agree on!


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