Author Topic: CCTV Footage Captures Plane Landing on Busy Salt Lake City Highway  (Read 6725 times)

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The plane experienced mechanical failure and was forced to land on a road full of commuters.
Traffic was heavy on the Bangerter Highway in Salt Lake City Tuesday night after a small single-engine plane landed on the northbound ramp.

The plane was reportedly experiencing a mechanical failure when it was forced down at approximately 5:30 p.m., shocking rush-hour commuters along the roadway, according to KSLTV.

Two men between the ages of 30 and 40 were on board, according to police. The pilot reported engine trouble and, realizing he couldn’t make it, put it down on the highway.

Miraculously, no one was hurt during the touchdown and no damage was done. Lt. Matt Pennington of the South Jordan Police Department told KUTV the incident “could have been a lot worse.”

The landing was caught on security cameras by author Jesse Stay, who posted the footage on social media.

“I think a plane just crash landed in front of my house,” he writes in one video post.
Stay told The Daily Beast he was at home when he saw lights and sirens on the highway. “Initially I thought it was just an automobile accident, but looking over where all the police and ambulances were, I noticed whatever it was looked like it had wings. That’s when I realized it was a plane.”

The plane, a Cirrus commuter aircraft, had reportedly departed from Tucson, Arizona, and was en route to the Ogden airport when it experienced an engine failure. “I think the pilot is OK. He was up and moving around the plane,” Stay said.

Crews were towing the plane to the airport overnight.