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Business jet crashes onto football field, killing 4 aboard



ATLANTA — A Tennessee-bound business jet crashed Thursday, killing all four people aboard, when it plunged onto a football field at an Atlanta park, igniting its fuel and sending thick smoke over a nearby neighborhood, officials said.

A home behind the sports field was damaged, but no injuries on the ground were reported, Atlanta Fire Rescue Sgt. Cortez Stafford said.

The plane's wreckage was spread out on the field over about 100 yards (90 meters), he said.

So how do I find the audio recordings of this crash? There are so many KATL towers. Would it be on a different one?


--- Quote ---The jet had departed from a runway at nearby Fulton County Airport-Brown Field and went down about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) east of the airport shortly after noon, Bergen said.
--- End quote ---

So the frequencies named Atlanta Tower are for KATL (Heartsfield). You would need to check for the frequencies of that other airport. Probably not covered.

I believe this was Gamma Jet 853.  They pick up their clearance on the KFTY 1830z archive, and are cleared for takeoff and handed off to ATL departure on 121.0 on the KFTY 1900z archive, but I can't find them on the ATL departure archive for 121.0 checking in anywhere, so not much audio to post.  Possibly they didn't check in with departure, since the news report said they ended up only 1.5 miles from KFTY.  I wonder what happened...


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