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BLACK BOX points to pilot error - re: air france crash

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I was really surprised when this NOVA special came out back in February


They nailed the cause of the crash without having any CVR/FDR data


--- Quote from: phil-s on May 24, 2011, 09:38:02 PM ---So sad. But life goes on. Question: are the Airbus manuals available in various languages? In French?  I'd hope Airbus would have manuals available in at least German and French as well as English.  But English is the agreed upon compromise for ATC so maybe not. Anybody know?

--- End quote ---

You're kidding, right?

Try this for manuals in english.


Dave - Not sure what "You're kidding , rigt?" refers to, I found this http://wn.com/Air_France_A320__Checklist   

but it's all in Engplsh. I went throught the airbus main  site pretty carefully and didm;t even find a way to get the site to display in French.  Somebody know more about this? I'm not interesetd in English language versions. I want to see that there are versions availabae in pilots' native lanuguage.

Found a podcast about a qualified A330 type rating instructor talks about what he sees in the initial BEA information....




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