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Augusta, GA Fatal Crash


OK, This pilot crashed the same plane at the same airport back in April.  Make that, he landed gear up back in April.  Today, on climb out he crashed the same Mooney M20K and was killed.  The pilot is from North Carolina.  Here is the update from Augusta Chronicle.   By the way, this is where I took my lessons at.



Update on the evening news tonight.  Tail number N777CV remained at Augusta Bush Field for repairs from the gear up landing back in April. Flight aware shows that flight as going to Burke County which is true but he had to divert to AGS because of fog.

The owner had traveled to Augusta to pick his plane up and take it back to NC.  A witness said that during climb out, he heard a loud bang and saw a piece of metal fall from the plane.  The pilot/owner tried to circle back to the main runway but nosed down on the secondary runway and exploded.


Another update.....plane lost new prop on climb out.



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