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Asiana B747-400 Freighter Crashes After In-Flight Fire


"An Asiana Cargo Boeing 747-400, registration HL7604 performing flight OZ-991 from Seoul (South Korea) to Shanghai (China) with 2 crew, was enroute near Jeju Island (about 250nm south of Seoul) when the crew reported the cargo in the hold had caught fire and they needed to divert to Jeju Airport, then the aircraft disappeared from radar. Parts of a wing and other debris were located 130km/70nm west of Jeju. Both crew were killed."




ORD Don:

             Sad to hear....           Does anyone know what the status is of fire suppression systems in the hold of cargo

             and/or passenger planes ?

I believe there are halon bottles in some, but not necessarily all configurations.  In those equipped with halon bottles, it's effectiveness would depend on what is fueling the fire.


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