Author Topic: Major airlines experience delays to due technical issue nationwide-UPDATE  (Read 1062 times)

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The outage was short lived and delays should be minimal, FAA says

The Federal Aviation Administration said the technical outage this morning was "short lived" and that delays because of it should be "minimal."

"The service is back on line a few minutes ago and delays should be minimal," FAA spokesman Greg Martin told CNN

About the outage: Martin says the third-party vendor in question provides weight and balance software which airlines use to determine flight plans and make fuel calculations, among other purposes.

Multiple airlines on Monday were experiencing system-wide outages causing anger among travelers.

“It's affecting our flights system wide, and we're working to see if it's affecting any other carriers this morning as well,” Southwest wrote in response to a beleaguered flier. “In the meantime, once more information has been made available our Agents at the airport will be happy to disseminate it to y'all.”The FAA said in a statement the airlines were experiencing issues "with a flight planning weight and balance program called Aerodata. Mainline operations and regional operations are impacted to varying degrees."

The agency said United, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines were also affected.

Southwest Airlines later released a statement about the issue.

"As of 6:05am CDT, Southwest Airlines has lifted an internal ground stop implemented for about 40 minutes this morning during an outage with a vendor that services multiple carriers with data used in flight planning,” the airline told Fox News. “Scattered flight delays are anticipated and Customers should check for the latest updates on specific flights. We're working with Customers on any impacts to their travel plans and we appreciate their understanding as we place nothing higher than the safe operation of every flight.”
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