Author Topic: Alaska Airlines flight relays potential threat to Orlando Air Traffic Control  (Read 1959 times)

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ORLANDO, Fla. – New audio released from Orlando International Airport’s Air Traffic Control gives new insight into what led police to surround an Alaska Airlines plane Sunday.

Someone onboard an Alaska Airlines flight airdropped a message to another passenger that was treated as a potential threat, according to federal sources.That threat turned out to be a prank by a 10-year-old passenger.

Audio obtained by News 6 shows what the flight crew aboard the plane told Orlando Air Traffic Control as it was coming in.

“We are in control of the aircraft yes, the pilots are in control of the aircraft. We’re going to be heading to the gate and we’re going to keep the passenger seat it until the police come,” someone from the flight crew said.

“What happened is they got an airdrop with a threatening message on it. In row 28 to the aft of the aircraft. They don’t know who sent it and nobody (unintelligible). We’re thinking it’s a non-credible threat but we wanted to lock it down just in case,” the crew explained.Ryan Pruitt and his family were onboard the Alaska Airlines flight to enjoy Disney World for their spring break.

“The captain actually said over the intercom that someone had airdropped a threat,” said Puitt.

Jill Reed and her son Tyler Woods were also on board.“We looked out of the window and saw the police, fire trucks and ambulances,” said Reed.

“They didn’t tell us what the threat was, they just said it was a threat,” said Woods.

The FBI said it was not pursuing charges and determined there was no threat to anyone on the plane.

News 6 asked the FBI why they aren’t pursuing charges and if it was because the prank came from a young child. We were told they have no further details to provide.

Alaska Airlines released a statement Sunday, saying they take safety seriously and apologized for any inconvenience for their guests.