Author Topic: Plane crashes into building near Fort Lauderdale Beach  (Read 1182 times)

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Plane crashes into building near Fort Lauderdale Beach
« on: March 01, 2019, 12:05:58 PM »

(don't know if they were out of Ft. Laud Executive, or KFLL, can't search audio at work)

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A plane has reportedly crashed into a building near Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Just before 12 p.m. Friday a small banner plane reportedly went down in the area of Oakland Park Boulevard and A1A.

It remains unknown how many passengers were on the plane and if any injuries were reported.

Please check back on and 7News for more details on this developing story.

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Update: Plane crashes into building near Fort Lauderdale Beach
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2019, 01:06:10 PM »
The plane is believed to have flown out of North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines but officials have yet to confirm the origin.

A witness said he saw the banner get snagged on something before it went down.

Roads in the area have been shut down as police and fire rescue respond to the scene.

7SkyForce HD flew over the scene where the wings of the plane could be seen separated from the aircraft and a tarp next to it, presumably covering the body of the pilot.

The aircraft is said to be from the company Aerial Banners Inc., which typically has their planes flying over Fort Lauderdale Beach and South Beach advertising festivals and events taking place across South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Chief Steven Gollan said the building was under construction but was occupied at the time of the crash.

He confirmed that the structural damage seen as a large hole on the side of the building was from the plane crash and not from the renovations.

There are no reports of injuries on the ground.