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Aircraft Talking to Socal APP Fire onboard

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Just Picked up a  Aircraft  Calling Socal APP with a  electrical fire  Onboard     Have not pickup anymore   info yet

Update They have a Second Aircraft Following The Aircraft N5VW They were talking Fast

From what feed did you picked it up? You could then post it at the audio forum.......

i picked it up on my Scanner



--- Quote from: hotshotmike1001 on August 07, 2012, 05:04:10 PM ---i picked it up on my Scanner

--- End quote ---

We have KBUR Socal at

SOCAL Approach: 124.600
SOCAL Approach/Departure: 120.400
SOCAL Approach/Departure: 134.200

Edit: the N5PW is a sirrus sr22 and was a cessna skylane according to flight aware


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