Author Topic: Air Force 2 makes quick landing with Pence aboard after being hit by bird  (Read 2147 times)

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(thank you Dave for posting the audio in the audio clip section)

It’s a bird! And a plane!

Air Force 2, which was carrying Vice President Mike Pence at the time, returned to a New Hampshire airport shortly after takeoff Tuesday night because the plane struck a bird, local ABC affiliate WMUR reported.

The plane had just departed from Manchester, N.H., airport after the vice president held a rally Tuesday in nearby Gifford, according to WMUR. It landed safely back in Manchester, and no one was injured other than the bird.

Crews inspected the plane’s engines briefly, and Pence deplaned for a short time to take a gander himself, WMUR reported.

Pence will now take a different plane to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. That plane will temporarily take over the title of Air Force 2 with the vice president aboard.
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