Author Topic: Moment plane blows tires upon landing  (Read 2210 times)

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Moment plane blows tires upon landing
« on: July 21, 2022, 06:33:39 AM »

(I had pulled KLAX audio of it, pretty much ado about nothing in their voices, professional all the way.
Ironically, my family and I were returning to Fla from our vacay, and our flight was right next to theirs in Atlanta.)

There is a second story in the link too.
Plane makes emergency landing on busy street

A passenger has described the terrifying moment that the tyres on his plane as it landed
The Delta flight from Hartsfield-Jackson International to LA touched down shortly after 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Sara Margarett gave an account on Twitter saying: ‘ATl to LAX everything is cool once we finally get in the air after being delayed an hour. OR SO WE THOUGHT.

‘We start our short final onto the runway. We touchdown (maybe a little fast) when all of a sudden POW BAM right landing gear fumbles the bag and we pop 2 tires on the right.

‘Everyone freaks out and we skidded to a stop somewhere between hell and a runway.’The passengers were initially held on the plane for an hour while ground and fire crews inspected the damage before being loaded onto buses to take them to the airport.
Thankfully nobody was injured, but two runways were closed for several hours as a result.

The incident comes while major airlines are struggling to keep up with increased air travel after pandemic lockdowns. Staffing shortages have caused a major increase in flight delays and cancellations across the globe.