Author Topic: Beech Bonanza N60WB Fatal Crash at Ogden Hinckley Airport (KOGD) 7/26/2017  (Read 3880 times)

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Fatal crash of a Beach Bonanza A36 at the Odgen Hinckley Airport (KOGD). Shortly after takeoff the pilot reported "going down" and crashed into the freeway, closing all lanes of traffic for hours. The 4 occupants onboard (two married couples each with 4 children) were all pronounced dead at the scene. According to eye witnesses, one of them being a helicopter on the ATC recording, on departure the aircraft was trying to turn back to the airport and spun out of control, impacting the ground at a near vertical attitude.

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Being unaware at the time of the existence of this thread in this forum I spent time preparing and posting an almost identical audio clip in the Aviation Audio Clips' forum which is where we are instructed to post all Audio. 
This is a link to my contribution
which contains links to a number  of news websites carrying full details of the accident.
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