Author Topic: American B738 at Dallas on Mar 19th 2012, severe turbulence and windshear  (Read 10506 times)

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An American Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration N831NN performing flight AA-831 from Fort Lauderdale,FL to Dallas Ft. Worth,TX (USA), was on approach to Dallas Ft. Worth at 3000 feet when a storm front reached the aerodrome disrupting arriving traffic and halting departing traffic. The 737 encountered severe turbulence at around 18:27L (23:27Z), the crew as well as the aircraft ahead of and following the 737 reported a windshear of 30 to 40 knots gain, the crew of the aircraft ahead described the windshear as extremely unsafe. The windshear and turbulence caused the Boeing 737 to overspeed the flaps, a number of medical kits were used in the cabin. The approach controller mentioned a number of times that there were too many stations talking, HE needed to talk and issued instructions like a machine gun in order to handle the aborted approaches and diversions for about 30 minutes...