Author Topic: "Suspicious note" on AA flight 969 today (I was on the flight). ATC anyone?  (Read 4964 times)

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Anyone get this? We flew at 22,000 MSL at 350 knots for most of the flight (see flight aware log) from MIA to DFW. The flight attendants didn't tell us anything but they would not allow anyone to get up and FBI greeted us at the gate. I was surprised we didn't divert to New Orleans. Pretty scary as it was obvious the flight attendants were shaken up most of the flight.

EDIT: Flight 969 I meant. Also, they didn't let us know anything until about 15 minutes after we landed and FBI came over the intercom and asked anyone to talk to them if they saw the "suspicious note." That the only reason I know what it ended up being. I have some flight Hours under my belt and both of my parents are commercial captains so I know 22,000 MSL at 350 knots was not normal and they were still showing it on the flight tracker on the entire flight so I knew something wasn't right once we slowly started to decend. You couldn't really even tell we were descending. They did a good job of not making it obvious
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I was able to find it on twr and ground... Nothing out of the ordinary.

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From all the info you posted, it sounds like there was a bomb note found.. or threat.. the reason for 22,000 and slower speed it to avoid the complications of high altitude decompression and structural damage that would be aggravated by the higher normal cruise speeds of say 465 knots "" If there were to be some explosion"" It's just for your safety.. Just my well- educated guess.. I could be wrong..

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