Author Topic: Delta 249 (Airbus A330-300) diverted to Ottawa on October 7, 2013  (Read 18070 times)

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Delta 249 was diverted to Ottawa on October 7, 2013 due to passenger illness. Flightaware:

Attached is an edited audio clip that was extracted from the CYOW feed at 22:30Z. Due to multiple frequencies being monitored in the CYOW feed, some conversations are missed.

Here is a timeline of the conversation that took place (in eastern time):
- 18:39: Delta 249 with Montreal Centre on frequency 124.275 (conversation already in progress) and to expect Runway 25 for landing.
- 18:40: Controller informs Delta 249 that arrangements have been made in Ottawa and then asks pilot for seat number.
- 18:41: Delta 249 requesting a longer runway.
- 18:41: Controller instructs Delta 249 to switch to Ottawa Arrivals (Ottawa Terminal) on frequency 135.15.
- 18:42: Delta 249 checks in with Ottawa Arrival and to expect Runway 32 for landing. Controller asks for passenger information.
- 18:42: Controller then asks for seat number.
- 18:45: Controller advises pilot on wind, frequency for localizer, and further instructions.
- 18:48: On the Ottawa Ground frequency, emergency vehicles requesting clearance to go to Gate 12.
- 18:49: Controller gives approach clearance to Delta 249 for Runway 32.
- 18:50: Controller advises Delta 249 to go to Gate 12, then asks pilot to switch to Ottawa Tower at frequency 118.800.
- 18:51: Conversation already in progress between Delta 249 and Ottawa Tower and advises the pilot to proceed to Gate 12 (landing clearance assumed to be already given).
- 18:53: Ottawa Tower gives Delta 249 instructions to exit runway and to switch to Ottawa Ground at frequency 121.900.
- 18:54: Delta 249 checks in with Ottawa Ground, and taxi instructions given.
- 18:56: Delta 249 asks Ottawa Ground asks instructions due to lack of direction from ground crews.

Delta 249 left Ottawa for Detroit at 20:27 -