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What I heard on Guard today...

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Here's what I heard on Guard (KPBI), oops!

This guy is having fun...

How professional  :-D


Related to N611VG... 

I heard aircraft trying to reach N611VG on 121.5 at 1351 EDT (1751 Z).  According to the radar track (attached), at this time the aircraft was near Fredericksburg, VA still traveling north east.  I suspect this means the pilot was incapacitated by this time. 

This was much earlier than I guessed when first looking at the radar track.  I originally figured the pilot was incapacitated around Long Island after making the 180 back toward the departure airport.  But after hearing these recordings, would gather that the pilot stop responding to ATC less than 40 minutes into the flight.

Timestamps in the filenames are EDT.  Receiver is located near LYH. 


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