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Very cool Google Earth add-ons

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This is just way too cool. If you have the Google Earth application installed on your PC, there are some interesting 'add-ons' you can use with it. Examples include US chart overlays, air traffic at some Class Bravo airports, and a 3D representation of the US airspace.  Below is what I am looking at right now, with the 3D blocks and Boston traffic enabled. Then I have the liveatc Boston Approach feed running in the background for the full picture.

Make sure to use the 'tilt' feature. Have fun!

Find it all here:

That is incredible.  Thanks for the heads-up.

This is amazingly accurate. The hi-res photo used by Google actually has a plane short final for 33L, which lines up nicely with this FedEx flight.

Yeah this is awesome.

I wonder if there is something similar for Canadian Airspace?

i find that i have very bad refresh rates  can any on help me


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