Author Topic: US Airways 750 - PHL to Brussels, diverts to BOS for smoke in cabin  (Read 11551 times)

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@AlertNewEngland first mentioned this in my Twitter feed which is what prompted me to hunt it down, but I see as of this writing no major news outlets have picked it up yet.

Last evening, a B762 departed PHL en route to Brussels, but turned around shortly after the handoff from Boston Center to Moncton Center (and a frequency not currently covered by LiveATC). The flight crew apparently declared an emergency with Moncton and turned right around, as they were back in Boston Center's control within 15 minutes of being handed off to Moncton.

The audio captures everything except that snippet of time with Moncton, and then on final approach, BOS Twr has the crew switch to a frequency used by Bradley International - and our feed provider at Bradley can't quite reach all the way to Logan, so the story ends with that new frequency assignment.

@AlertNewEngland reported the plane landed safely.

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Re: US Airways 750 - PHL to Brussels, diverts to BOS for smoke in cabin
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Interesting and thank you for the recording!  My wife and two boys, 8 and 13 flew Cactus 750 on August 7th.  That night they substituted a 757 for the usual 767.  This would have been an ordeal if we had been on this flight!

On the August 16th return, a regularly-scheduled 767 was back as we were aboard ship N249AU flying as Cactus 751 heavy.  It was quiet and comfortable with a few rough edges (right side mid-cabin lav door was off the track for example).
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