Author Topic: US Airways 27 - KBOS - Jun 18th 2009, near collision on runway w/vehicle  (Read 7885 times)


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an aircraft with 89 people on board taking off from Boston's Logan International Airport narrowly missed a truck on the runway on Thursday, in an incident described by airport authorities as "serious."

US Airways Group Inc Flight 27 to Phoenix was taking off at 6:36 a.m. (1036 GMT) when a vehicle driven by an outside contractor working at the airport drove across the runway, airport spokesman Phil Orlandella said.

Airport authorities stripped the driver of his right to drive in the airport. The flight landed safely in Phoenix.

The Boston Globe reported that the airplane missed the truck by seconds, quoting an airport official as saying the incident was serious and would be investigated.

from Reuters:

Note: real time. No feed indicates any ATC communication with  the offending vehicle. I went through the
ground and ramp feeds which aren't included here.


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Plane, vehicle near a collision
Logan calls halt to construction

from Boston Globe:

Matt McCluskey, president of the Boston chapter of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, said yesterday that the union has called for new technology that could provide better safety measures for incidents like the one that occurred yesterday.

He said the proposed transponders, which would be built into airport vehicles, would alert air traffic controllers of a vehicle’s presence on a runway. Right now, only airplanes have the transponders, and the devices only alert authorities when an object comes within a certain distance of a plane.