Author Topic: Two cross country trips 3 videos with ATC COMS  (Read 3641 times)

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Two cross country trips 3 videos with ATC COMS
« on: March 02, 2010, 09:43:31 PM »
Two cross country trips 3 videos with ATC COMS

6 minute video above is a round robin from Madison MS to Kosciusko MS timelapsed with ATC COMS.  First time in my 10 years of flying that I picked up flight following through center.  This was done for two reasons.  First was to check my Mode C on my transponder and second was to see if I would get followed by Flight Aware by virtual of me getting a national squawk code. Flight Aware did not track me on this trip.  KJAN approach and Memphis Center on this video

Second 9 minute video above is from KMBO to KBTR Baton Rouge LA from take off to shut down with ATC COMS and in plane coms as I had another pilot with me.  Local experience goes a long way in helping to prepare for an arrival :-)))  Landing was purposely "firm" so I could exit the runway sooner.  KJAN approach, Memphis Center, Houston Center, Baton Rouge approach and tower in this video

Third 5 minute video above is focused on ground ops at KBTR.  Includes picking up my IFR clearance, Airport diagram included in video for "situational awareness" during my progressive taxi instructions.  Not often this bumpkin pilot is number two behind a commercial airline, VERY COOL.  I think wide runway illusion got me on take off.  Was surprised on what felt like such a short distance before wheels went up.  Video ends with landing at KMBO.  Baton Rouge Ground, Tower and Approach in this video.

While I was at KBTR, my friend tried to arrange a tower visit.  No surprise to me but we couldn't go due to skeleton staff however, one of the guys came down to the FBO as he wanted to put faces to names during his lunch.  We got to talking and  I invited him to my plane since he had never been inside a GA plane.  I think it was a win / win situation since I focused what his instructions translated to what I set in the plane whether it be altimeter or radio frequencies.  He was surprised the altimeter wasn't digital.  :-D as that is the technology in my plane outside the GPS.  Something tells me he was late getting back from lunch.

My friend is going to hook him up with his CFI so he can see just what it's like on the other side of the mic.  VERY COOL!