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Three dead after small plane crash in Williamson County



(This was eerie, never got off a Pan or Mayday, just literally fell out of the sky.  RIP, thoughts and prayers with all)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WZTV) — Three people were killed in a small plane crash in rural Middle Tennessee, law enforcement confirms.  The Williamson County Sheriff's Office says a small aircraft crashed just after noon Wednesday near Bending Chestnut Road and Davis Hollow Road. According to the NTSB, it was a Beech V35 aircraft which crashed after experiencing an in-flight break up over a 1/2 mile radius.
"When responders arrived, they immediately started searching and sizing up the scene to see if there was a possibility of survivors. It was quickly evident that this would be a search and recovery operation, not a search and rescue operation," said Chief Deputy Mark Elrod.


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