Author Topic: Dramatic video shows Lufthansa Boeing 747 abort landing after bouncing twice  (Read 1426 times)

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(here's the audio, unstable approach, and pilot pretty non-chalant :))

Dramatic video captured a Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747 twice bouncing off the runway in California before aborting its landing and taking back to the skies.

The video from Tuesday’s aborted landing at LAX was shared by Airline Videos Live, which livestreams from the California airport — and called it “the roughest landing” it has ever filmed there.
Lufthansa Flight 456 appeared to be landing as it normally would until its wheels touched down, sending a cloud of white smoke out from under its landing gear and jerking the plane upward. 
The flight commentator later noted that he could “smell” the burnt rubber from the jet’s wheels after its failed landing.

The plane proceeded to circle the airport and was able to land without issue soon after.

It was not immediately clear what caused the botched landing.