Author Topic: UAL297 KBOS-KSFO diverts to KLNK  (Read 5646 times)

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UAL297 KBOS-KSFO diverts to KLNK
« on: May 06, 2014, 06:32:43 PM »
As requested here, I've attached a compilation of clips from KLNK TWR and APP feeds, capturing the transmissions regarding the aforementioned flight.

I couldn't find which ZMP sector they would have been with when they declared (and perhaps they declared earlier with ZAU?), but if anyone has suggestions I'd be happy to add the CTR transmissions.

At 01:40 the Medevac flight ahead of UAL prompts TWR for a wind check... in the background you can hear some sort of alarm tone playing. Anyone familiar with a Cheyenne 2 able to comment on what that might have been? My guesses were either AP disengaged or a windshear alert... though I guess the latter is ruled out based on their reply to TWR?