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Super Bowl NYPD & Mil Comms - The whole thing.
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:16:24 PM »
Being that the game was somewhat ho-hum, I thought I would post what was going on in the air from 4:30 to 11PM Sunday. Lots of stuff in here, six and a half hours condensed down to an hour. Begins with NYPD heli comms and after a few minutes the Feds come rolling in, starting with Nation1 tanker. All kinds of activity including refueling operations, winding down with Omaha units returning to base at ISLIP.

NYPD cops handling a "jumper job" at the Brooklyn Bridge with aplomb gave me a chuckle... "Go take your jump..."

Recorded directly off a SIP connection I have to the scanner we used for the LiveATC SB feed, all content included but silence gaps removed thanks to a nifty program I developed, MP3 format compressed down to a reasonable file size.

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