Author Topic: UAL1607 Emergency Landing at LAX  (Read 5539 times)

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UAL1607 Emergency Landing at LAX
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:10:16 PM »
Attached is a recording of UAL1607 making an emergency landing at LAX last Friday (3/16).  The flight was en route from LAX to Hawaii and experienced a problem requiring them to return to LAX.  This is an edited/combined recording of the LAX feed (LAX Tower 120.95) and a personal scanner recording (LAX Tower 127.85 where the aircraft and emergency equipment were).  They had some hot brakes but sounded like all was well and they eventually made it to the gate.  Whatever the nature of the problem, they elected to land on Runway 7L, when the overall traffic pattern was using Runways 24/25.  Thus, all Runway 25 traffic was delayed. ARFF80 (see photo at link below) looks like a pretty cool piece of equipment.

Photo of ARFF80 (Crash 80) at: