Author Topic: Plane crashes on UtahColorado border with two on board no survivors  (Read 709 times)

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(audio from take off to contact lost attached)

(Whatever happened, it was quick, he never got off a pan/mayday.  Felt for the Center Controller who was trying his best to reach him, and at the end, asked for another planes assistance, but the weather wasn't the best.  RIP)

GRAND COUNTY, Utah (KKCO) - A mix of at least a dozen members of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and Mesa County Search and Rescue swarmed an otherwise nondescript part of the eastern Utah scrubland Wednesday afternoon searching for survivors of a plane that went down earlier in the day.  The Grand County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the plane, a small, privately-owned passenger plane, crashed just over the Colorado-Utah border with two people on board. According to authorities, the plane was a chartered aircraft headed to Tacoma, Washington from Grand Junction. First responders said that neither have been found. The identities of the two people who were aboard the flight is also unknown.
As it stands now, there is very little information available as the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration begin their investigations. “About all I can confirm is that it was likely a small passenger jet,” Grand County Chief Deputy Michael Palmer said.

The NTSB and FAA are beginning the investigation process, which could take some time. More information is expected to be released by authorities as the investigation into the cause of the crash continues.