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Short nerves at PHL

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That was an interesting post Ed, alot of good information there.

Although it is fashionable to write off PHL as a "crap hole" as some so eloquently put it...I think you could make the same arguement for any busy airport in the Northeast.  How many hours do regional airliners wait in taxi lines at EWR or LGA?  How many aircraft traveling to BOS are assigned EDC times which are 3 or more hours after their P-time?

PHL definitely has issues.  I think bedpost fixes would help a little bit, but I think the real culprit is the airport layout and the convoluted airspace surrounding it.  Another paralell taxiway between 27L and 27R wouldn't be a bad idea to help with the bottleneck problem.  I don't know if there's room, but it's just an idea.

One thing is for certain:  the hostility between pilots and controllers so common at PHL doesn't help matters much.

I listent o Philly alot since I live and fly in Delaware/Pennsylvania. Its more fun when you know the area. I should preface these comments by saying that after reading these boards for a while, I am a pilot, but when it comes to ATC, you guys know your stuff, im a greenhorn rookie.  :lol:  :lol:

Anyway, I agree that PHL clearly has its problems, but it seems to me that the controllers there deserve alot more credit BECAUSE of those problems. They seem to be doing an outstanding job with alot less room and options that alot of other major airports. just my little 2cents.

Heres the deal with my crap hole statement:
    First off I’m not complaining about delays, they are all over. I understand that I fly all over the east coast almost everyday. Other places are worse on delays.
   Second, most peoples attitude sucks. Most ramp/gate agents don’t care about there job. I can not count the number of times we landed and were at the gate early just to wait 20 mins for a marshaller to taxi us in and end up late. Most people are very rude there which does not make PHL a pleasure to fly into.
   Third, maybe Ed can answer this. When we land 35 the regional a/c has to land behind the a/c on 27R no matter who is in front of whom. Why is this?  We were 3 mile final for 35 and a 757 was about 6 out for 27R when we were told to slow down. No other a/c for 35 or 27R. Then we were turned to a 300 heading and then 070 then told cleared for the visual for 35 behind the 757 coming over the ship yard caution wake turbulence. Why? Is this a certain controller that has trouble spacing a/c? Is it a rule in PHL? This happens 90% of the time.
   Fourth, when there’s a big line we shut down one or both engines to save on fuel which by the way went to 3.10 today at the gas station. They sometimes read off the next 5 or 10 in line which helps out a lot, but sometimes it’s the wrong order. Okay we all make mistakes but the controllers will get mad and not admit they made one. Sometimes the do not let us know and we are unable to tell the passengers. I don’t care how long the wait is the longer it is the more we get paid, its just nice to know so you don’t get caught off guard.
   Finally, I’ve seen gate agents so rude to customers and dropping the F bomb left and right in front of people. It is always something. There are some very nice gate agents but the bad outweigh the good. The number of incident reports and customer complaints are very high at PHL. There is no need for an agent to meet the flight with a bad attitude b/c they are have a bad day. A passenger does not want a to have a gate agent give them an attitude after they just missed their connecting flight and lost their luggage.
   Also I’m a Steeler fan so that puts the icing on the cake!
All this adds up and gets frustrating. I’m not directing this to anyone I was just making a statement. I’m sure everyone has a place they dislike.  In my opinion PHL is one of the worst places to fly into. It feels as if America has taken all of its crap and centrally located it at Philadelphia, hence the term crap hole.

QUOTING...."In my opinion PHL is one of the worst places to fly into. It feels as if America has taken all of its crap and centrally located it at Philadelphia, hence the term crap hole. "

If you think PHL is a crap hole...go ten minutes down the road to Camden NJ....



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