Author Topic: Shannon Controller and "Speedbird" pilot - little morning chat in good temper  (Read 7240 times)

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I don't exactly get what he says about the breakfast, maybe someone can help out,
but chats like this are one of my reasons to listen to ATC...

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He says something about the copilot getting a sausage stuck up his nose, referring to the bumpiness as he tries to eat his breakfast.

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The bit at the end about his stay at the position is interesting. Thanks for the post.


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Pilot: the copilot is eating his breakfast, so he might get a sausage stuck up his nose any minute.
ATC: haha, terrible when you spill a coffee.
Pilot: Terrible, eh, tell me, you have been here around for a while, are you permanent or are you passening thru or passening time?
ATC: I'm contractor on the earth till October next year.
Pilot: ah, good luck.
ATC: Thanks a lot.

Well something like that  :lol:

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The controller's coworker chimes in at the end to say "he's here too long"; classic  :-D

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I get no respect :evil:

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Another short clip from Shannon ...
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2010, 07:02:07 AM »
... recorded 03:25 Z on 27 August, 2010 ...